Tal Block

Tal block is located in the Kohat Plateau, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. So far, nine discoveries have been made in the block, the first in 2002 and the most recent in 2016. Commercial production has commenced from ManzalaiMakoriMakori East, Mamikhel, Maramzai and Makori Deep  fields. MArdankhel is producing under EWT phase.

Currently one exploratory well Tolanj East-1 and one well in Makori East are under drilling. 



Exploratory well Tolanj -1 was tested in February 2011 at a flow rate of about 16 MMscfd gas. The well was completed as a producer in June 2011.  

Tolanj West

Tolanj West-1 is the recent discovery in TAL block which was tested at 14.51 MMscfd gas and 34 bpd condensate.

Makori Deep

Makori Deep-1 has been discovered in TAL block which was testd at 10 MMscfd gas and 3800 bpd Oil.



PPL Working Interest

27.76 percent



Other Partners


Daily Average Production

Manzalai Field

31.07 MMscf gas; 419 bbl condensate; 3.17 tonnes LPG*

Makori Field

0.6 Mscf gas; 35.05 bbl condensate; 1.39 tonnes LPG*

Makori East Field 79.68 Mscf; 12,406.87 condensate; 327.17 tonnes LPG*

Mamikhel Field

23.80 MMscf gas; 664.66 bbl condensate; 5 tonnes LPG*

Maramzai Field 124.64 MMscf gas; 4,145.57 bbl condensate; 99.98 tonnes LPG*
Mardankhel Field 38.52 MMscfd gas; 3108.09 bbl condensate; 14.37 tonnes LPG* 
Makori Deep Field 6.29 MMscfd gas; 2200.09 bbl condensate; 16.06 tonnes LPG*

Producing Fields

Manzalai, Makori, Makori East, Mamikhel, Maramzai, MardankhelMakori Deep


Tolanj, Tolanj West, Makori Deep


*Daily production figures are averaged for 3 months from July 2017 to September 2017