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Procurement Planning (Budget 2018-2019)

Procurment Planning (Budget 2018-2019)

30/06/2019 0 View Tender Details

Rehabilitation of Damaged steel shed structure adjacent Training Center at West Wharf Store, Karachi

18/09/2018 0 Tender Closed
GMP/PRJ/PT18136376 (rfq_4490)

Services required for Vessels Internal Protective Coating at PPL’s Gambat South Gas Processing Facility  (GPF)

11/09/2018 500 Tender Closed
GMP/PRJ/PT18136287 (rfq_4631)

Supply of Check Valves for GPF-II

11/09/2018 500 Tender Closed

Supply of Duplex Ball Valves, Plug Valves, Needle Valves & Check Valves

11/09/2018 500 Tender Closed

Supply of Duplex Gate Valves

11/09/2018 500 Tender Closed

Supply of Flanges, Gaskets, Stud Bolts & Redress Kit

11/09/2018 500 Tender Closed

Supply of Duplex High Pressure Fittings

11/09/2018 500 Tender Closed

Transportation of Crude Oil / NGL from Adhi Field to ARL (Attock Refinery Limited)

29/08/2018 500 Tender Closed
GMP/PRJ/PT1810136313 (rfq_3992)

Annual Turnaround Maintenance 2018 of PPL’s Gambat South Gas Processing Facility at Gambat South  Field

29/08/2018 500 Tender Closed


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