Infrastructure Development

Meaningful, durable infrastructure is a crucial part of development. In Pakistan, especially in far-flung areas, such facilities are either not available or of poor quality. This results in a large population, particularly the disadvantaged, leading a marginalized life without access to basic facilities such as road networks, schools and potable water.

But putting infrastructure in place is not the panacea to all issues confronting disadvantaged communities. Rather, an integrated infrastructure development plan with committed financial and human resources is required to provide quality services.

Since Pakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL)’s core business entails working in remote areas for exploration and production of hydrocarbons, the company focuses on developing infrastructure and civic amenities not only for its own use but also for local communities. Besides supplying gas and water to Sui Town, PPL has constructed roads, culverts, installed water tanks and pumps, developed and refurbished and maintained various schools, hospitals and health facilities. These initiatives are undertaken not only in or around PPL’s operational areas but also other parts of the country.