Industrial Relations

Industrial Relations

The Industrial Relations (IR) Department works under the Human Resources Function. IR is responsible for recruitment, compensation, benefits, appraisals, leave, transfer, grievance handling and other related matters for non-management staff, including both union and non-union employees.

Union staff is represented by the Pakistan Petroleum Workers Union (PPWU), which has been in existence for over four decades and has over 1,700 registered workers at various locations of PPL. IR Department maintains cordial relations with PPWU and an agreement is formally signed by the PPL Management and union representatives to determine increase in remuneration and resolve issues, if required.  

IR assists the management in creating an enabling work environment by ensuring that the company meets its social and legal responsibilities towards its employees, including employment condition, quality of work life and maintaining Health, Safety and Environment standards.

The department also provides professional advice to functional and departmental heads on labour laws, Rules of Service, union agreements and disciplinary actions and procedures. Further, the department formulated the company's IR policy and ensures timely revision of company rules and procedures whenever necessary.

IR conducts comparative surveys every two years to revise terms and conditions of the union agreement based on best market practices. Besides, the department represents PPL at labour courts, legal forums and other external IR platforms and maintains cordial business ties with the Directorate of Labour Welfare, Employees’ Old Age Benefits Institution and National Industrial Relations Commission.