Manzalai Gas Field

Manzalai Gas Field hosts one exploratory, one appraisal and 9 development wells. The discovery of Manzalai in 2002 marked the start of oil and gas exploration in the south-west of the Kohat Basin. The Government of Pakistan granted the Development and Production Lease for Manzalai in January 2007.

The field was developed in three phases. During the first phase, the field was evaluated for its commercial viability by conducting Extended Well Testing. A central processing facility with a capacity of 300 MMscfd gas was constructed during the second phase. Currently, produced fluid is processed through this facility. The field’s average daily production is  29.8 MMscf gas, 394 bbl condensate and 3.7 tonnes LPG .  Additional wells were drilled and compression facilities were installed during the third phase of field development