Livelihood Generation

Today, over one-third of Pakistan’s 190 million people survive below the poverty line, unable to bear the cost of basic food, clothing and shelter. As education, health and infrastructure facilities take centre stage in development work besides food, shelter and clothing, providing opportunities for livelihood generation on a sustainable basis becomes increasingly important.

In the absence of a regular income source, chances for the poor to benefit from other social development initiatives such as education and healthcare become difficult, if not impossible.

Pakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL) believes in empowering marginalized communities through skill enhancement to generate livelihoods. During the last few decades, the company has invested in engaging people in earning livelihoods through sustainable sources of income. Some major projects to this end include Women Welfare Centre, Computer Training Centre and Technical Training Centre for men in Sui together with Vocational Training Centres for men and women in Daultala, near PPL-operated Adhi Field.