Pakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL) has an aggressive exploration program geared to optimize production and replenish reserves. The company has invested in acquiring state-of-the-art integrated technology and enhancing human resource competencies to achieve desired outputs and minimize risks through well-coordinated teamwork and strategic partnerships with local and international Exploration and Production companies.

Rig at Bela West X-1 Bela West Block Balochistan

The Exploration & Business Development (E&BD) Directorate consists of three Assets; South, North and Frontier Asset (Frontier Asset includes a block in Iraq) and also looks after partner-operated offshore blocks in Pakistan and one partner operated onshore block in Yemen. In addition, New Venture, International & Unconventional (NVIU) and Subsurface Technologies & Support Services (STSS) departments also fall under the domain of E&BD Directorate.

At present, the company's portfolio, together with its subsidiaries, consists of 48 exploration blocks, out of which 28 are PPL-operated (including Block-8 in Iraq being operated by PPL Asia) and remaining 20, including three offshore blocks in Pakistan and one onshore block in Yemen, are partner operated.

During last five years, PPL has made 16 discoveries in operated blocks ─ six in Gambat South Block (Hatim X-1, Hadi X-1A, Zafir X-1, Kabir X-1, Badeel X-1 & Hadaf X-1), two in Kotri Block (Kotri X-1 & Yasar X-1), two in Hala Block (Bashar X-1 ST & Fazal X-1), one each in Dhok Sultan Block (Dhok Sultan X-1), Hub Block (Hub X-1), Shah Bandar Block (Benari X-1), Karsal Block (Talagang X-1),  Adhi ML (Adhi South X-1) and Margand Block (Mor Gandh X-1).

The most recent discovery at Mor Gandh X-1 well has opened KalatPlateau sub-basin for exploration by making maiden discovery. This discovery will have far-reaching impact on future exploration targets in this region.