Pakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL) has an aggressive exploration programme geared to optimize production and replenish reserves. The company has invested in acquiring state-of-the-art integrated technology and enhancing human resource competencies to achieve desired outputs and minimize risks through well-coordinated teamwork and strategic partnerships with local and international Exploration and Production companies.

Rig at Bela West X-1 Bela West Block Balochistan

PPL’s Exploration and Core Business Development (E&CBD) consists of two assets: Domestic and Frontier. In addition, Overseas and Core Business Development (O&CBD), Subsurface Technologies & Support Services (STSS) and Mineral Resources departments also fall under the umbrella of E&CBD.

The company, together with its subsidiaries, has a portfolio of 52 exploration blocks. These consist of 29 operated blocks, including one offshore lease in Pakistan, an international Offshore Block 5 in Abu Dhabi, and 23 partner-operated concessions, including Block 3 in Yemen.

As such, PPL strategically holds a diversified exploration portfolio with a mix of high-risk, high-reward and low-risk, low/ medium-reward assets. Furthermore, the company's business cycle, as proven historically, involves initiation of production within a few years of investing in domestic exploration, is slated to position PPL as a front line E&P company, to reap the benefits of rebounding oil prices.

PPL saw an exponential increase in exploration, seismic operations and drilling following the acquisition of blocks through 2009, 2013, 2018 and 2022 bid rounds. With this, PPL acquired approximately 15,000 L. km 2D and about 11,000 sq. km 3D seismic together with around 27,750 L. km gravity and magnetic data in operated blocks alone. Besides, the company drilled 67 exploratory wells and made 23 discoveries.