Ghaibi Dero Potable Water Supply Scheme

Ghaibi Dero Potable Water Supply Scheme

With a population of about 2000, Ghaibi Dero is among the oldest villages in Sindh in Kambar-Shadadkot District near Larkana. The village is at a distance of four kilometers from Mazarani Gas Field.

The residents of Ghaibi Dero faced acute shortage of potable water, necessitating long-distance travel, particularly for women, to fulfil essential daily requirements. This was compounded by an alarming frequency of waterborne disease among the locals.

In 2005, PPL initiated water supply for local communities in collaboration with the district government and began supplying water from public tube wells, located approximately 20 kilometres away, through a pipeline to a water storage tank. However, the water source became polluted and was no longer fit for drinking.

To address the problem, the company initiated a water supply scheme in 2010 using bowzers and built two new water tanks in the centre of the village for the use of local residents. The tanks get supply from Warah Canal, a safe water source located approximately 22 kilometres from Ghaibi Dero, through a regular water bowzer service with a capacity to carry nearly 13,000 litres of water. Staff is employed by the company to operate the facility as the bowzer takes at least three rounds in a day and supplies water to the residents of Ghaibi Dero and adjacent villages.

The new arrangement has saved travel time and improved the health profile of the local community.