Government Girls High School, Barkhan

Government Girls High School, Barkhan

As part of the company’s commitment to enhance well-being of local communities, key projects are initiated in the company’s exploration blocks so that they can also mature with further developments in the area. Coincident with initiation of its operational activities in Barkhan, PPL’s community development team also surveyed the area to identify development gaps and propose potential projects accordingly.

Located in the remote area of Barkhan town, Government Girls High School (GGHS), the only school for girls in Barkhan, was identified as a prospective beneficiary. When PPL staff visited the school in 2007, it had an enrolment of 500 students with only five functional classrooms. The remaining classrooms were declared unfit for use. 

The company has not only renovated five classrooms and the water supply and sewerage system at GGHS but also built two additional classrooms and an auditorium.

The auditorium, which can accommodate 120 people, is used for school-based events, including workshops and examination as well as the local administration for district-level events.

Due to PPL’s interventions, the enrollment has increased to over 1,000 students.As part of the company’s the enrollment has increased to over 1,000 students.