Sui-Kashmore Road

Sui-Kashmore Road

Sui is Pakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL)’s oldest and largest gas field. Besides developing infrastructure for its own use, the company has also invested heavily in developing the area. Interventions include construction of roads, walkways, potable water supply schemes, a shopping centre and cinema in addition to schools, hospitals, training centres and dispensaries.

Among these, the construction of the Sui-Kashmore Road, that serves an arterial function as the entrance to Sui and Dera Bugti District, ranks as a major development effort, ushering in significant economic development in the district.

Back in 1952, the only route from Sui to Kashmore lay across a 50-kilometre kacha or dirt track which was initially metalled by PPL in 1983 with the help of National Logistics Cell.

In 2008, PPL embarked on a massive renovation project, widening the road to accommodate two-way traffic and repairing and constructing culverts to enhance protection from floods.

In addition to facilitating travel, the Sui-Kashmore Road has enabled those living in Sui and Dera Bugti District to access medical and other facilities easily.