Hala/Gambat South/Mazarani

The Hala, Gambat South, Mazarani Asset (HGSMA) team is primarily responsible for effectively operating, maintaining and upgrading PPL-operated producing assets at Hala, Gambat South, as well as Mazarani field. The team looks after overall operations of the producing assets, including field development plans by undertaking Geological and Geophysical studies, updating / booking of reserves, carrying out field economics, reservoir characterization to optimize recovery, well intervention/ work over and completion for production enhancement and operating, maintaining and debottlenecking of wells and plant facilities.

The asset is headed by General Manager HGSMA, who leads a multidisciplinary team of professionals, including process engineers, production engineers, reservoir engineers, geoscientists and field operations staff. The team is responsible for exploring new horizons and maintaining uninterrupted supply of gas, LPG and condensate to customers. Besides, the team also focuses on optimizing production and recovery from the fields by applying cutting-edge technology and international best practices.