Adhi, Dhok Sultan and Partner-operated Assets

Adhi, Dhok Sultan and Partner-operated Assets

Adhi Asset (AA)  is primarily responsible for effectively operating PPL operated Adhi Field located near Gujar Khan. The team oversees the complete operations, including Field Development Plans by undertaking Geological and Geophysical studies, s, carrying out field economics, and reservoir surveillance  activities.

Partner-operated Asset (PO) consists of professionals with diverse expertise in exploration, reservoir engineering & production, project management, plants and facilities.

LPG/ NGL Plant III Adhi Field Punjab

The Asset is responsible for production operations and related matters pertaining to operated Joint Venture Blocks (Adhi & Dhok Sultan) and PPL’s Partner-operated Joint Venture Areas. The Asset is headed by General Manager, who leads a multidisciplinary team of professionals, including Process/ Production/-Reservoir/ Mechanical & Electrical Engineers, Geologists, Geophysicists and a variety of Field Operations and support staff. The team liaise with internal and external stake holders in order to perform their responsibilities.

Adhi Asset

Effective maintenance and day to day operations of the state of the art Plant &  Compressors, , sales of hydrocarbons, planning well interventions & workovers for production optimization  etc are few of the responsibilities which are undertaken by the professionals with best industry practices and  up to the satisfaction of the JVs and stake holders .

Adhi Asset is also responsible for exploring new horizons and maintaining uninterrupted supply of Gas, LPG, NGL and Oil to its valuable customers. practices.

Partner-operated Assets

The Asset is tasked to safeguard PPL’s interest in Joint Ventures and is responsible for managing exploration licenses, monitoring of seismic surveys its processing/ interpretation, monitoring of well operations, reservoir evaluation and Plant operations / Projects in respective Blocks.

PO team analyses technical, economic and commercial aspects of drilling of wells, development plans & projects in the Joint Ventures and also pursue Operators for maintaining optimum & economical production from the fields. PO team is also responsible for management reporting and preparing annual budget with required working for corporate planning.

The PO team aims to contribute for possible value addition in all major projects undertaken by Joint Ventures by critical review & suggestions of the proposals forwarded by Operators and its follow-up during execution phase.

Dhok Sultan Asset

The Asset is currently responsible for managing Early Well Testing (EWT )operations and handling product dispatch / customer liaison. Asset in coordination with Field Development Team is endeavoring for early monetization by installing oil handling facility and laying a 40 km transmission line for processing gas at Meyal Facility for onward injection in SNGPL system.