Enterprise Risk Committee


Mr. Agha Jan Akhtar Chairman
Mr. Salman Akhtar Member
Mr. Muhammad Sajid Farooqi Member
Dr. Ibne Hassan Member


Terms of Reference

The committee advises the board on company’s overall risk appetite and strategy based on current and prospective macroeconomic and financial environment with the following responsibilities:

  • Monitor organisation’s risk profile;
  • In relation to risk assessment:
    • Review and approve the risk management infrastructure and the critical risk management policies adopted by the Company.
    • Review regularly and approve the parameters used in these measures and the methodology adopted.
    • Set a standard for accurate and timely monitoring of large exposures and certain risk type of critical importance.
  • Overseeing executive team has identified and assessed all the risks and established risk management infrastructure to address them.
  • Define risk review activities regarding decisions, initiatives, transactions and exposures.
  • Understand and approve management’s definition of risk related reports to the committee regarding full range of risks as well as their form and frequency.
  • Review and assess the effectiveness of the Company’s Enterprise Risk Management processes and recommend improvements.