Monitoring & Inspection

The Monitoring and Inspection (M&I) Department was established in 2005 for Quality Assurance and Quality Control (QA/QC) of technical and administrative operations, works performance and procurement. The department monitors compliance of PPL-operated assets with company specifications, institutional and industry standards targeted to achieve Total Quality Management.

To this end, M&I is responsible for institutionalizing QA/QC, providing professional observations and advice where needed, without assuming the executing department’s operational role. Since its inception, the department has not only invested in gap analysis, inspections and standardization of procedures but also built staff capacity, both at PPL’s head office and field locations, in Quality Management System (QMS)

M&I’s core activities include implementing QMS, Asset Integrity Management, inspections and technical audit of plants with respect to quality and consumables. The department furnishes periodic project-based and follow-up reports for management review, highlighting QA/QC observations and proposing actions and remedial measures to curtail deviations, if required.