Geo-Services provides technical support to Exploration and other assets in the following disciplines with over 30 staff working in six different technical disciplines. :

  • Development and Operations Geology

During well planning and drilling phase, the team is actively involved in providing geological and petrophysical input for wells. Also, delivers input for geomechanical, petrophysical, sedimentological and reservoir simulation studies. The team plays a key role in decision making for reservoir evaluation, well testing and production optimization.

  • Reservoir Engineering

The Reservoir Engineering (RE) team is involved in supervision of wireline logging to acquire reservoir formation pressure, onsite reservoir formation testing and PVT analysis. The team also provides expert opinion about well testing and build-up data analysis.  Economic evaluation of all exploration assets is also performed by RE team that includes Technical and Commercial peer reviews.

  • Geophysical Operations

The team is involved in planning, organizing and execution of seismic data acquisition as well as processing projects.  The focus remains on study and selection of appropriate parameter and quality control of seismic data acquisition.

  • In-house Seismic Data Processing Facility

Geo-services department manages the in-house seismic data processing facility. A dedicated team is assigned for complete in-house seismic data processing in both time and depth domain. Parameter testing and quality control of in-field and 3rd party 2D/3D seismic data processing projects is also dealt by the team.

  • Rock Physics

RP team works towards identifying and mapping both conventional and unconventional reservoirs away from the existing wells utilizing conditioned and calibrated wireline logs and 3D seismic. The RP team provides the quantitative link between the elastic properties that affect seismic response and the geological properties required to predict ‘Lithofacies’ based on calibrated local well logs.

  • Core House and Analytical Lab-West Wharf

PPL Core House is the second largest core repository of Pakistan, where core samples/drill cuttings for over 150 wells, including historical wells are stored. Core Laboratory has in-house capability for basic/routine Core analysis. Core is utilized in various studies, including sedimentological, biostratographic, petrophysical and reservoir analysis/studies.