Hala Block

Hala is a joint venture between Pakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL) and Mari Petroleum Company Limited, with 65 and 35 percent working interest, respectively. With an area of about 395 square kilometres, the block straddles Sanghar and Matiari districts in Sindh.

The exploration license for Hala was granted to PPL in March 2004. Subsequently, the first exploratory well Adam X-1 was drilled in 2007, resulting in the discovery of gas/condensate.

The second discovery in the block was made from third exploratory well, Adam West X-1, in August 2014. Since June 2015, the well has been put on production through tie-in to Adam Plant.

The latest discovery in the block was made from fifth exploratory well, Bashar X-1ST in September 2016. During testing, well produced gas at a maximum rate of 9 MMscfd.

To assess further prospects in the block, plans are underway to drill additional exploratory well(s).

Recoverable Reserves

37.5 Bcf gas; 0.857 MMbbl condensate; 29.5 M Tonne LPG*

PPL Working Interest

65 percent

Daily Average Production

Adam Field

3.65 MMscfd gas; 54.05 bbld condensate; 0.11 tpd LPG**

Adam West Field

14.26 MMscfd gas; 25.37 bbld condensate**

Producing Fields

Adam, Adam West

*1P proven reserves

** Daily Production figures are averaged for 12 months from July 2016 to June 2017