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Relocation of Chachar Plant to Shahdad well-site along with supply and installation of additional Process and Utility Equipment and allied services for setting-up Shahdad Gas Processing Facility 

24/03/2014 500 Download

Supply, installation, testing and commissioning of fence lighting and other electrification works together with their dismantling at wells in Gambat South Block, near Shahdadpur, Sindh

25/03/2014 500 Download

Extension in Bid Closing and Opening Dates

2D seismic data acquisition and in-field processing for Block 3372-23 Hisal

25/03/2014 500 Download

Extension in Closing and Opening Dates

Whipstocks window cutting/ side tracking services on call-out basis

26/03/2014 500 Download
SMP/GP/003/2014 (EPCC)

Invitation of bid proposals for setting-up of Gambat South Gas Processing Facility (GPF-II) on engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning (EPCC) basis.

28/03/2014 5000 Download

Third party inspection of line pipes on call-out-basis for three years

31/03/2014 500 Download
PPL/XOver K-North/2014

Crossovers/ Circulating Head

01/04/2014 0 Download

Supply of 3" line pipe

02/04/2014 0 Download

Extension in closing and opening dates

Pre-qualification of stockist for supply of drilling and production material

04/04/2014 500 Download

Relocation of Chachar Plant to Shahdad Well Site alongwith supply and installation of additional process and utility equipment and allied services for setting up of Shahdad Gas Processing Facility

07/04/2014 500 Download


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