Job Detail

Required Qualification & Experience:

Four-year bachelor’s or master’s degree in mining engineering or geology qualified from reputable local or foreign institutions/ universities recognized by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan with at least 15 years of experience in design, development and operations for mines. Preference would be given to candidates having working experience in Balochistan or other parts of the country.

  • Have at least 15 years of experience in mine design and development, mining operations, engineering and project evaluation 
  • Possess strong knowledge of mine safety and relevant environmental regulations.
  • Be able to operate software such as Surpac, Datamine, Minesight, AutoCAD or other mine development software
Job Profile/ Specifications:
  • Able to plan, recommend and coordinate mining processes and ensure safe and efficient development of mines and other surface and underground operations 
  • Capable of evaluating feasibility studies and determine location and cost-effective methods of safely extracting minerals
  • Able to collaborate in geological exploration as well as review maps and drilling logs to determine location, size, accessibility and estimated value of mineral deposit
  • Capable of coordinating with geologists on design, selection of potential mineralised zones with blending schemes and provision of machines, facilities, infrastructure and systematic advancement/ approaches for mines
  • Able to lead risk assessments for identifying potential constraints/ risks to mining and efficiently mitigate them for safe execution of projects
  • Capable of preparing invitation to bid (ITB) document for EPCC and technical evaluation of potential contractors
Last Date to Apply: