United Nations Global Compact

UNGCPakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL) takes pride in being the signatory of the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), a voluntary charter endorsed by chief executives of leading businesses to provide a practical framework for promoting sustainable business models and markets. UNGC was developed in July 2000 as a major initiative to provide a human face to the global market and is aligned with the United Nations’ efforts, including the Millennium Development Goals.(www.unglobalcompact.org)

With over 12,000 signatories, the Global Compact today provides a leadership platform for participants to strengthen their commitment to sustainability and responsible corporate citizenship. The charter binds member companies to follow ten basic principles focusing on human rights, enabling working conditions for employees, environmental conservation and transparency.

PPL became a member of UNGC in April 2006. The company stands committed to UNGC principles as it believes in fulfilling its social, economic and environmental responsibilities to promote sustainable development. As such, the company places the highest priority on good governance, steering the management and employees to follow strict procedural controls, regular audits and disclosures to ensure transparency, work through clear management lines and respect labour laws to provide an equitable environment for all staff. The company promotes environmental conservation by adhering to best operational practices and maintaining strict health and safety standards.

PPL also plays a critical role as a responsible corporate citizen through planned development programmes in health, education, sustainable livelihoods, infrastructure development and post-disaster rehabilitation for marginalized communities, especially those living in and around its operational areas.

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