Training & Development

Ongoing enhancement of the knowledge base and skills of staff through a viable, need-based and forward-looking training and development programme is critical for a growth-oriented organization such as Pakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL). To this end, the company has a dedicated Training and Development (T&D) Department in place which works with staff and their line managers to identify training needs and provide capacity building opportunities by engaging competent trainers.

Given the company’s emphasis on holistic staff development, the ambit of T&D work is not restricted to technical and core business areas. Rather, the department is equally focused on developing and improving soft skills such as interpersonal communication, negotiation and leadership and management, which are essential to well-rounded professional and personal development. Moreover, the company’s capacity building initiatives are not only tailored to professional staff but also fresh graduates and young staff who are equipped and trained for long-term career growth.

Although the learning opportunities provided by PPL are an extension of its commitment to business success through human resource development, the various training programmes have enabled staff to achieve an integrated outlook, both professionally and personally, and excel in their careers.