Sui Gas Field

The Sui name has become synonymous with natural gas in Pakistan. It is Located at a distance of about 650 kilometres (km) from Karachi in Dera Bugti, BalochistanSui is Pakistan Petroleum Limited’s flagship gas field. As a major production facility, Sui Gas Field hosts the country’s largest gas compressor station and a purification plant.

Despite diminishing reserves over time, Sui Gas Field still remains one of the largest natural gas producing field in Pakistan, contributing substantially to the country’s requirements with daily production of around 418 MMcf.

In order to meet country’s gas demand, efforts such as drilling of new wells, Workovers and modification of surface facilities are continued with the objective to enhance production efficiencies. Accordingly, drilling of development wells Sui-94 & Sui-96, deepening of Sui-80 and revamping project of SML compressors was completed during 2015-2016. Three development wells, Sui-95 (P), Sui-100 (U) & Sui-101 (U) have been successfully drilled, completed and commissioned during 2016-17. During second quarter 2017-18, Workover of Sui-36(M) & Sui-40(M) was successfully completed and wells commissioned into production network.




Recoverable Reserves

12,038 Bcf*

Daily Average Production

414 MMcfd gas; 45 bbl condensate**

 Producing Wells



*1P (proven) reserves

**Daily production figures are averaged for 09 months from July 2017 to March 2018