The Sui Asset (SA) is responsible for the overall operations of Sui Gas field, including implementation of technical studies, Geological and Geophysical surveys, drilling, workovers, well interventions, reservoir surveillance, surface facilities and plant projects as per the approved work programme.

The asset also manages budget, plans and executes work programmes to ensure sustainable production and maximum ultimate recovery from the field to achieve set targets. Moreover, the asset also liaises with other departments/ functions, including Procurement, Corporate Planning, Security and Land, Construction, Drilling and Production Technology , to ensure cost effective and timely accomplishment of  given target.

SA is headed by General Manager Sui Asset who leads a multidisciplinary team of professionals, including production engineers, reservoir engineers, geoscientists and field operations staff. The team is responsible for exploring new horizons and maintaining uninterrupted supply of natural gas to customers in-line with the corporate procedures, Quality Health Safety and Environment targets and regulatory requirements. Besides, the team also focuses on optimizing production and recovery from the field by applying cutting edge technology and international best practices.

The asset also oversees and facilitates the operations of Bolan Mining Enterprise, a subsidiary company of Pakistan Petroleum Limited. This includes preparation of long-term and annual work plan and budget, yearly updates as well as seeks required approvals from management and board for /new ventures.