Dr. Shujjat Ahmed

Dr. Shujjat Ahmed

General Manager (Gambat South/Hala/Mazrani)

A seasoned professional, Dr. Shujjat Ahmed has nearly 30 years of multifaced experience in the oil and gas, manufacturing, and development project financing fields at home and abroad. Ahmed joined Pakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL) in 2003 as Senior Engineer with Technical Services Department. Over the last 18 years, he went on to serve on senior management positions, including Senior Manager Process Engineering, Senior Manager Engineering Design, Senior Manager Operations and Acting General Manager before assuming the charge as General Manager (Gambat South/ Hala/ Mazarani) on April 29, 2021. 

Dr. Ahmed has led several significant initiatives and projects at PPL, adding value to the production supply chain. These include his proactive role in setting-up Engineering and Design department at PPL besides integrated support for establishing various production facilities, including Adhi LPG & NGL Plants II & III, Hala GPF and Gambat South GPF-I, II & IV as well as development of Zafir Gas Processing Facility. Besides, he played a key role in operationalizing processing facilities and their expansions at partner-operated fields, including Nashpa and Mela, Manzalai and Makori, Rehman and Sawan fields. He also introduced Asset Reliability, Availability & Maintainability programme in the company, the application of which are being extended to all fields.

He obtained a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from Dawood College - NED University of Engineering and Technology (NED), Karachi in 1985. Later, he earned a Ph.D. in Materials Engineering from University of Sheffield in 1991. 

He is currently an Expert member of the Board of Studies at Department of Chemical Engineering and the Industrial Advisory Board at University of Karachi, Dawood University of Engineering and Technology, Karachi and NED and nominated to become Senate Member of Dawood University.

Dr. Ahmed has attended various national and international professional training programmes. Besides, he has authored and published several papers as well as spoke at national and international conferences.