Salman Akhtar


Salman Akhtar was elected to Pakistan Petroleum Limited’s Board of Directors on September 16, 2017. He was appointed Chairman of the Board of Directors in July 2018. He is also a member of Board Human Resource, Procurement and Enterprise Risk committees.

Akhtar is a founder and co-CEO of Techlogix, an information technology services company. He has led the company's growth as a methodology driven organization focused on delivering engineering excellence, using an evolving mix of technologies. He is also co-CEO of three product focused companies in mobility, healthcare and higher education verticals.

His current technical interests include SaaS models of solution delivery for enterprise systems, innovative technologies for solving large scale problems and merging of BPM/SOA, operational Business Intelligence and event driven business systems.

He did his bachelors as well as masters in Electrical Engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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