Reservoir Engineering

Reservoir Engineering (RE) employs a multidisciplinary approach by using available technologies to maximize recovery and add value to the company’s hydrocarbon assets.

The department evaluates estimates, enhances and manages the company’s reserves through various strategies and methods. These include developing dynamic models to simulate fluid flow through the reservoir utilizing Geological, Geophysical and Pressure-Volume-Temperature Data, investigating various production strategies to maximize Net Present Value of hydrocarbon resources, formulating field development plans and establishing well counts and their locations to efficiently and economically deplete the reservoir.

RE is responsible for conducting reservoir surveillance and management to diagnose and remedy well-related problems, devising stimulation and workover treatments to enhance and maintain hydrocarbon deliverability from wells, planning and implementing well tests for evaluating individual well performance and deliverability, updating reservoir hydrocarbon potential and investigating enhanced oil and gas recovery options such as water injection and gas recycling.

Besides, the department is involved in economic analysis, production forecasting and booking and updating the company’s reserves. Reports on production figures from PPL- and- partner-operated fields are also compiled by RE and communicated to relevant stakeholders.