Based at the head office, the Purification Department provides technical and logistical support to the Sui Purification Plant for supply of uninterrupted purified gas to customers in conformity with quality parameters defined in the Gas Sales Agreement.

The department is primarily responsible for strategic planning and review and providing advice to management on the way forward. Besides, the department is also involved in the day-to-day management of the plant activities. These include monitoring plant performance through review of daily operational reports, preparing routine and special reports on operations, arranging periodic equipment inspections in compliance with industrial codes and government regulations, monitoring and advising staff on compliance with Health, Safety and Environment standards, managing up-gradation and replacement of plant equipment to enhance reliability and making alternate arrangements to deal with obsolescence or discontinuation of vendor services.

Managing timely procurement and replacement of spares for overhauls and breakdown maintenance of major equipment and machinery and preparing and monitoring operational budgets and human resource requirements also falls within the department’s purview.