Production Technology

Production Technology Department (PT) is staffed with qualified and experienced professionals from petroleum engineering. The department employs state-of-the-art industry standard software, including PROSPER, GAP and Well Cat, to execute assignments.

The major areas of work for PT involves well completion design for a variety of oil, gas and retrograde condensate reservoirs for both producing and development fields. For this, PT prepares detailed technical specifications for well completion, including down hole equipment, tubing, wellhead and X-Mass tree as per industry standards, and performs project scheduling and budgeting.

The department also executes site activities related to wells such as completions, drill stem testing and workover operations. PT also extends services to assets related to production enhancement from producing as well as developing fields by exploiting technological advancements and latest/ best operating practices.

PT is also responsible for designing, installation and commissioning of wellhead surface facilities for new discoveries in company operated areas as well as provides technical support to operating assets for well operations, monitoring and conducting third party audits of Cathodic Protection systems at producing fields.

 Production Engineering
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