The company’s entire production operations, including operated and partner-operated assets, are under the purview of the Production Function, which is responsible for formulating and implementing company’s policies to ensure uninterrupted production of hydrocarbons. The function is also responsible to safeguard company’s interest in partner-operated assets.

The Production Function oversees Sui and Kandhkot gas fields, wholly-owned by PPL, through the Operational and Technical Support Department which is responsible for monitoring Purification Plant, Compression and Field Operations. The Joint Operations Department on the other hand manages operational and development activities at company-operated joint-ventures and monitors production activities at partner-operated fields to add value and synergy to their operations.

For uninterrupted supply of hydrocarbons vis-à-vis committed volumes and quality, through company-operated assets, the function uses latest technologies to optimize production and improve process efficiencies in coordination with other functions, focusing on Health, Safety and Environment and Quality Management Systems.