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Tender No Description Closing Date Value(Rs)

Health Insurance for Hospitalization Facility 

02/07/2018 500 Tender Closed

Vessel Cleaning Job during ATA 2018-19 at Adhi field

02/07/2018 1000 Tender Closed

Maintenance and support services for EMC Source One Email Management

02/07/2018 0 Tender Closed

Services for facilitating NOCs / security clearance of foreign contractors from DGPC office 

02/07/2018 0 Tender Closed
Tender No. GMP/PRJ/PT18135653

Supply of LCVs for Adhi Field 

28/06/2018 500 Tender Closed

IT equipment migration Karachi to Islamabad

28/06/2018 0 Tender Closed
GMP/E&I/PPM/S/PT18127888 (Tejari ref : rfq_3817)

Supply, Installation and Commissioning of online UPS at Islamabad office.

28/06/2018 500 Tender Closed
GMP/E&I/PRM/S/PT18127883 (Tejari ref. rfq_3815)

Supply and Installation of 2 Ton Wallmount & Cassette Type ACs (Reversible) at Islamabad office.

26/06/2018 500 Tender Closed
GMP/PRJ/PT18134385 - (e-procurement rfq_3715)

GMP/PRJ/PT18134385 - Design, manufacturing/ fabrication and supply of Chiller System and Gas / Gas Exchanger required for Modification in Existing Refrigeration System at Gambat South (GPF-IV) - (e-procurement rfq_3715)

25/06/2018 500 Tender Closed
Tender No. GMP/PRJ/PT18135651

Tender No. GMP/PRJ/PT18135651 - Supply of Ball Valve (e-procurement rfq_3692)

25/06/2018 500 Tender Closed


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