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Invitation of bids for reconditioning of ESD 12" Plug Valve, Class 600 at Contractor's Workshop.

28/12/2010 0 Download

Flood Lights 1000 Watt MVF024 C  1xHPI-T 1000W 220V WB, with standard 1000 W metal-halide or high-pressure sodium lamps. 

30/12/2010 0 Download

Flood Lights 1000 Watt, MVF024 C 1xHPI-T 1000W 220V WB, with standard 1000W metal-halide or high -pressure sodium lamps   

30/12/2010 0 Download

Supply & Installation of 1.5 Tons Split & 2.5 Tons Floor Standing A/Cs at Site (on F.O.R. Basis)

31/12/2010 300 Download

Invitation of technical and commercial bids for services of lady doctor as General Practitioner on two-year retainership basis or four times a week at Adhi Field, Tehsil Gujjar Khan, Rawalpindi, Punjab

05/01/2011 300 Download

Steel Racks (total 90 racks) for Warehouse Building at Kandhkot Field

07/01/2011 0 Download

Supply of Fog Generator (on C & F Basis)

11/01/2011 300 Download

Invitation of technical & commercial bids for HP/ COMPAQ equipment maintenance

11/01/2011 500 Download

Compressor Oil for R-22 Service (Total Quantity: 220.00 US Gallon) 55 US Gallon/Drum No. 7 Oil for R-22 Service P/No. 111Q0550025 for Refrigeration Package: RWB II-399 for Adhi Field

12/01/2011 0 Download

Implementation of Microsoft Network Access Protection (NAP)

12/01/2011 0 Download