PPL-adopted Triple Merger Centre in Turbat

PPL-adopted Triple Merger Centre in Turbat

A doctor examines a patient at PPL-adopted Triple Merger Centre in Turbat Balochistan

Marie Adelaide Leprosy Center (MALC) launched its Triple Merger Programme in 2000, enlarging its operations to include treatment of tuberculosis and ophthalmic diseases, apart from leprosy.

Since then, MALC’s Triple Merger Centres (TMCs) are functional throughout the country with support of various corporate/ donor organizations, benefiting thousands of patients residing in remote areas, who cannot afford treatment.

PPL adopted MALC’s TMCs at Kandhkot and Turbat in 2005 and 2007, respectively. The
company provides full operational costs for these centers, including treatment, equipment, medicines, maintenance as well as staff salaries to extend free-of-cost treatment to patients.

TMC Turbat’s Blindness Control Programme, caters to over 12000 residents annually through diagnostic and surgical facilities with a specialized preventive diagnostic service for children.

The Turbat centre treated about 12150 ophthalmic, carrying out 140 cataract surgeries, 114 tuberculosis, 5 leprosy patients together with screening of nearly 450 contact family members and school going children each for leprosy and eye diseases. Besides, the centre provided consultation to over 3396 patients for skin diseases, including screening for leprosy, and 12000 for other health issues during 2019- 20.