Corporate Planning & Business Development

Corporate Planning & Business Development

Corporate Planning (CP) is responsible for the development and management of corporate and business strategy, short to long term plans and Budgeted Work Program for Pakistan Petroleum Limited.

Corporate Planning

CP oversees the annual corporate planning cycle, maintain economic models and establish economic evaluation process and engages all business units through multiple tools including monthly management reviews, master plan, management reporting to ensure that the strategy, business plans and key objectives are timely implemented and desired results are achieved.

The department also develops and disseminates key financial, operational and strategic such as forecasted oil prices, exchange rates, decommissioning rates etc. and is a custodian of reverses and production data. CP updates and maintains hydrocarbon reserves data for the Company. The department is further tasked with coordination between different assets and departments through a centralized plan, progress monitoring and quarterly/interim board updates on the management’s balanced scorecard and other strategic matters.

Additionally, CP maintains economic data, Five Year Plans, hydrocarbon reserves and production reports, provide government reporting on certain areas, assist in development of economic models and carries out other planning and monitoring assignments. CP is also looking after Business Continuity role.

Business Development

Being the frontrunner Exploration and Production (E&P) company in the country, Pakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL), is committed to play a pivotal role in making the country energy self-sufficient. To supplement PPL’s aggressive exploration and production efforts, Business Development pursues avenues in line with PPL’s diversification strategy to identify viable investment opportunities and business synergies that optimize and mitigate inherent exploration risks. BD also spearheads merger and acquisition opportunities available to ensure inorganic growth in company reserves.