Partner-operated Assets

Partner-Operated Asset (PO) team consists of professionals with diverse expertise in exploration, reservoir engineering and production, management of projects, plants and facilities as well as finance.

The Asset is tasked to safe guard Pakistan Petroleum Limited’s interest in joint ventures and is responsible for managing exploration licenses, monitoring of 2D and 3D seismic surveys as well as its processing and interpretation.

PO team analyses technical, economic and commercial aspects of drilling of exploratory/appraisal and development wells, development plans and projects in the joint ventures and also pursue operators for maintaining optimum production from the fields.

The asset also monitors field and plant operations for smooth and uninterruptable production and ensures sales to customers as per commercial contracts.

The team is also responsible for reviewing and approving Gas Sale Agreement/Condensate Oil Sale Agreement, DOC/FDP and other commercial matters. Review and approvals of work programmes and budget in operation committee meetings/technical committee meetings/financial committee meetings, as well as of AFEs, contracts are also the responsibilities of the asset.

Moreover, the team also contributes in preparation of overall budget, work programme and sales volume forecast for the board’s approval besides providing input to for corporate reports and presentation to PPL management and board.