Operational Technical Support

Operations and Technical Support (OTS), formerly Field Operations, oversees all operational as well as technical aspects of Pakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL)’s two largest operated gas fields, Sui and Kandhkot. Together, these fields are the main contributors to PPL’s total natural gas production and contain more than 100 producing wells. Sui Field Gas Compressor Station, Sui Purification Plant, Sui Dehydration Plant, Kandhkot Field Gas Compression Station and wellhead facilities are the major assets for which OTS is responsible.

OTS ensures uninterrupted gas supply to customers by providing direct support to relevant field managers/ incharges or through managers at head office.  

Providing technical support and guidance and preparing budget for routine operations and maintenance of plants and equipment, wells and other installations is one of the key responsibilities of the department.

In order to ensure high standard of maintenance, annual and five-year plans are prepared and reviewed for implementation. Wells and associated equipment are maintained through a rigorous schedule of interventions and work-over programmes undertaken in-house or sublet to service companies.

Overseeing completion of new wells and testing current wells to ensure disruptive production is also among the major tasks of the department. To this end, monthly and daily production reports are analyzed in order to maintain contractual requirements and identify areas of over and under utilization and monitor well production data to pre-empt any problems. The department also ensures that new projects are carried out in cost and time effective manner in coordination with relevant departments and service companies.

It is also the responsibility of OTS to develop a model, in consultation with other departments, for arresting decline and optimize production level from these fields, through expanding extraction and processing facilities and look for new exploration avenues.