Murshid Hospital and Healthcare Center

Murshid Hospital and Healthcare Center

Equipment donated by PPL to Murshid Hospital, Hub, Balochistan

Murshid Hospital and Healthcare Center (MH&HC) established in 1987, is a 150-bed, not-for-profit organization offering a variety of health services to patients predominantly belonging to local under-privileged communities, especially from Balochistan due to its proximity.

PPL has periodically supported MH&HC since 2013 for various facilities. During 2019-20, the company provided Rs. 5 million for a new Medical High Dependency Unit along with necessary equipment.

Between 2016 and 2017, PPL covered the treatment cost of local deserving patients of Sindh and Balochistan around Hub at MH&HCC with a donation of Rs 2.5 million.

Earlier, the company provided medical equipment worth Rs. 20 million to the hospital’s various facilities during 2013-15.