Procurement plays a pivotal role in ensuring timely availability of materials and services to maintain smooth operations.

All procurements are governed by Public Procurement Regulatory Authority (PPRA) Rules 2004. The department follows stringent procedures to promote healthy competition and ensure transparency. Approved by the Board of Directors, these procedures are designed to ensure best purchasing practices to fast-track company’s operations.

The department maintains a pool of pre-qualified suppliers/contractors to ensure competitiveness and get the best value for money. Procurement of supplies and services is processed through an auditable and transparent framework based on optimum competitiveness, transparency, accountability and efficiency.

Procurement also carries out inventory management and planning to ensure optimum inventory stock to be maintained for running smooth operations. Besides, Procurement is responsible for managing all field-based warehouses where material is received, checked and properly stacked.

Procurement introduced Vision 2020 to improve warehouse facilities and benchmark these with leading Exploration and Production (E&P) Companies in Pakistan aiming to become a leader of E&P supply chain business in Pakistan.