Latif Gas Field

Latif Gas Field was discovered in 2007 through exploratory well Latif-1. Later, two appraisal wells Latif-2 & 4 and second exploratory well Latif North-1 were drilled. The field was declared commercial discovery in June 2012, following the approval of Field Development Plan (FDP) by the Government of Pakistan. The Development and Production Lease of Latif was formally signed in October 2012.

After declaration of commerciality, Latif-7, 6, 5, 9, 10, 13,14 & 15 were drilled and completed. Latif-Sawan pipeline was commissioned in August 2013 and the project was formally inaugurated in October, 2013. Gas from Latif field is being processed at Sawan Plant as per the FDP.