Information Technology

Information Technology (IT) is enabling its stakeholders to add value to their strategic and operational activities by proactively facilitating them to enhance organizational performance, governance and innovation using secure and reliable IT systems through adoption of latest technology solutions in line with the corporate strategy.

To this end, Pakistan Petroleum Limited uses SAP as a platform for strategic and operational decision-making by facilitating the alignment of business processes with industry’s best practices.

The IT team remains responsive to technological trends and rolls-out new features to enhance services to facilitate business users. Prompt service delivery is ensured through corporate intranet convergence at head office from remote locations through a cost-effective blend of available technologies, ranging from high-speed fibre optic links to the latest variants of satellite communications. A centralized policy-based security management and risk mitigation system complemented with proactive monitoring, remote management and periodic recovery drills are in place to manage confidentiality, 24/7 availability and consistent performance.

The corporate Exploration and Production Information Management System encompasses multidisciplinary technical areas from acquisition to abandonment. The system is integrated with respective applications providing efficient access to comprehensive data sets for making critical business decisions. Overall, these systems deliver a holistic computing environment for accomplishing complex data processing, earth modelling and reservoir simulations to substantiate strategic alignment with business operations.