Human Resources

Human Resources

Human Resources (HR) is responsible for implementing an effective strategy for attracting, recruiting, developing, deploying and retaining the best available human resource. HR recommends market based competitive compensation packages based on a transparent and merit-based performance appraisal system for all categories of employment.

Human Resources staff during Global Diversity and Inclusion Benchmarks

Employee Engagement Surveys (EES) are carried out periodically through reputable consultant covering all company locations. The purpose is to obtain objective and unbiased feedback from employees on their satisfaction and engagement levels within PPL and to facilitate an action plan on how to further enhance their commitment to company’s vision.

For effective and timely management of various areas in its domain, HR is divided into five sub-functions: Recruitment and Staff Administration, Compensation and Benefits, Training and Development, Industrial Relations (IR) and Medical Services. These sub-functions / departments work together to ensure a progressive and healthy working environment.

To invest in capacity building of youth and provide young talent for Exploration and Production industry as part of PPL’s long-term commitment to meet energy requirements of the country, HR has taken several initiatives, including Trainee Programme that focuses on providing two-year integrated on- job training to young graduates selected through a merit-based process. Moreover, HR organizes a Special Trainee Programme for young graduates and diploma holders belonging to PPL’s producing fields to provide development opportunities. For capacity building of company staff, training needs are assessed and accordingly in-house, external and foreign training programmes arranged. Training of staff remained continued during COVID-19 pandemic using online mode.

IR deals with non-management staff including their recruitment, compensation, benefits, appraisals, leave, transfer, grievances and other related matters and maintains cordial relations with Pakistan Petroleum Workers Union. IR also provides expert advice to management on labour laws, rules of service, union agreements and represents PPL at labour courts, legal forums and other external IR platforms.

Medical Services is staffed with qualified doctors and provides quality healthcare to all company staff and their eligible dependents. The department is stationed at the Head Office and field locations to screen patients and provide treatment for diseases. Patients with special medical condition are referred to consultants and hospitals.