Hadaf Gas Field

Hadaf Gas Field

The discovery of gas and condensate from Hadaf X-1, the 16th exploratory well in Gambat South Block, was made in December 2018, following its drill stem testing in Massive Sand (Deep) of Lower Goru Formation.

The DST flowed 18.6 million cubic feet per day of gas (MMscfd) and160 barrels per day (bbl/d) of condensate along with 65 bbl/d water at a Flowing Well Head Pressure (FWHP) of 1307 psi on 56/64” choke while12.1 MMscfd gas and 157 bbl/d condensate along with 35 bbl/d water at FWHP of 2290 psi on 32/64” choke.

The quality of produced gas from Hadaf was good with low carbon dioxide and nitrogen content. Therefore, it was decided to blend Hadaf’s gas with that of other wells from Gambat South with high CO2 content to achieve higher gas sales from the block.  

Hadaf was connect to Gas Processing Facility (GPF)-IV through a 45-km long and 8-inch wide carbon steel pipeline the longest-ever feeder line procured in Gambat South. The well was commissioned on December 17, 2020, adding more than 5 MMscfd gas to the national grid. This entailed detailed in-house planning, procurement and development of the feeder line, its third-party inspection while manufacturing and construction, involving installation of well head surface fittings and control panel, utilizing in-house resources.

Moreover, third-party reserves Certification of Hadaf’s discovery was also carried out for verification of in-house reserves estimates. Subsequently, development and production lease (D&PL) was granted for Hadaf by DGPC on September 29, 2020, effective from June 3, 2020. Accordingly, gas and oil allocation was also approved in December 2020.