Field Operations

Field Operations (FO) is responsible for uninterrupted production and supply of natural gas from the company’s wholly owned and operated Sui and Kandhkot gas fields. The department develops strategies for optimizing gas production by ensuring capacity of wells and surface facilities. Besides, the department also serves as a communication and support link between the fields, head office and external stakeholders.

The department is also tasked with overseeing planning, coordination and monitoring of field activities, dealing with operational tasks referred by relevant field incharges, addressing customers and staff issues, managing security and administration and coordinating corporate social responsibility initiatives.

FO also extends support to the fields for conducting annual surveys, production testing, maintenance of wells, including investigating workover requirements, abandonment, construction, replacement and repair and major overhauling of equipment and plant. Additionally, back-up is provided for technical audits for Health, Safety and Environment and Quality Management Systems certifications.