Exploration South

The Exploration South Asset comprises eleven operated and three partner-operated exploration blocks. These blocks mainly fall in areas previously explored, having a large seismic coverage and well density along with a number of hydrocarbon discoveries. The exploration efforts by Pakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL)in these areas have led to encouraging results with 14 discoveries during the last three years.

The exploration efforts successfully proved the extension of the reservoir fairway limits of the most prolific Lower Goru Sand play further westwards as oppose to the previous understanding, resulting in several hydrocarbon discoveries by PPL and other Exploration and Production companies. Furthermore, the first tight gas discovery from Chiltan Limestone in the area has also opened-up a new play by PPL. These blocks also hold a huge potential for exploitation of unconventional resources, shale gas and tight gas, as well as stratigraphic traps based on high resolution 3D seismic data.

The primary focus remains on using latest technologies in order to discover and produce from reservoir intervals previously untapped due to either high cost or non-availability of advance seismic and drilling technologies. The key challenge is relatively small size of prospect and greater reservoir depth in most cases, which reduces the commerciality of the project. Despite this, PPL’s knowledge and experience has established gas infrastructure in the area and low operation costs have provided opportunity for early revenue generation.