Corporate Services

Corporate Services remains committed to providing professional, strategic, and timely assistance to the company’s exploration and production directorates as well as other assets and functions for their proactive drive to replenish and enhance hydrocarbon reserves in line with the company’s key performance objectives.

Corporate Services is headed by General Manager who is responsible for managing a number of integrated, significant support services to ensure smooth business operation for the company. These include maintaining effective business relationship with government functionaries and other key stakeholders, providing administrative support for head and regional offices-based operations, profiling company’s image through corporate publications and effective media management, acquiring lands and licences for exploration and production facilities as well as provision of security for various operations and planning and implementing PPL’s Corporate Social Responsibility Programme for deserving communities.. These responsibilities are performed by Administration and Corporate Communications, Lands and Licences and Security and Community Development departments as well as Corporate Services Islamabad and Quetta offices working under the Corporate Services Function.