Corporate Communications

Corporate Communications (CC) is responsible for fulfilling all outreach requirements to project a positive image of the company among stakeholders, including communities living in or around operational areas, government and media.

CC staff handles corporate literature, branding and promotion material from start to finish, including content development, editing and translation. The department also hosts an in-house desktop publishing facility and designs and executes all corporate advertisements and publications, including PPL’s monthly newsletter Progress, diaries and calendars and corporate and thematic brochures. Besides, PPL’s website is also developed and managed by CC in coordination with relevant departments.

Among the department’s other responsibilities are coordinating sponsorships and participation in relevant conferences and seminars, managing the company’s photographic archives, publication of tenders, vacancies, company secretarial notices and announcements, event management and media liaison. As part of its outreach work, CC maintains active engagement with print and electronic journalists for participation in and strategic coverage of key corporate milestones. The department also arranges appropriate interface of senior management with the media.