The Compression Department (CD) ensures smooth and reliable operations of Sui Field Gas Compressor Station (SFGCS) and supply of compressed raw gas to the Purification and Dehydration plants at Sui. For this, extensive technical support and guidance is provided to SFGCS. The department also periodically proposes and reviews strategic plans to improve SFGCS’s performance and address gaps.

The department’s work entails monitoring performance, plant and equipment maintenance and planning, including upgrade and replacement, preparation and supervision of budgets and human resource management.

CD prepares reports in consultation with those sent by SFGCS covering shutdown, major overhaul and maintenance and Health, Safety and Environment standards. Moreover, Compression staff regularly visit SFGCS to review progress and address critical issues, based on which follow-up and remedial measures are suggested.

For timely procurement of essential spares and capital equipment, maintenance and third-party inspection, CD also maintains close liaison with equipment manufacturers and relevant departments at PPL.