Company Secretarial

Company Secretarial (CS) plays a central role in ensuring adherence to the company’s governance structure in conformity with best practices. The unit supports the Board of Directors and its committees, including the Board Human Resource Committee, Board Operations and Finance Committee and Board Audit Committee. In this context, CS liaises with directors, organizes board and committee meetings, assists departments in preparing relevant documents for presentation and records minutes of the meetings and proactively coordinates in the implementation of board decisions.

Further, the unit is responsible for the company’s compliance with statutory, regulatory and governance frameworks and communicating with regulatory authorities and statutory bodies, including Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan, Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited and stock exchanges across the country. To this end, the department regularly monitors changes and developments in corporate laws, regulations and the code of corporate governance and oversees timely implementation and compliance within the company.

CS engages with investors through the company’s share registrars, organizes Annual and Extraordinary General Meetings and handles price-sensitive information and timely corporate distributions, including dividend, right and bonus issues, among shareholders.

CS also coordinates with other departments in preparing the company’s Annual Report in compliance with financial reporting framework and statutory requirements and ensures its timely distribution to meet information needs of stakeholders.