Legal and Commercial

Legal and Commercial

Legal & Commercial Department plays a pivotal role in handling Pakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL)’s sensitive commercial and legal matters as well as compliance and regulatory matters. The department endeavours to protect and preserve PPL rights and interests in all major transactions and disputes relating to its activities within and outside Pakistan

Legal and Commercial department

The department provides the following services:

Legal Services

Providing comprehensive legal support to all Assets and Functions across the company in all its operations, be they foreign or local.

Managing all claims, litigation and arbitration in which company, its subsidiaries and joint ventures are involved in Pakistan and abroad – using its own resources as well as independent law firms. In this regard, Legal Services maintains a claims and litigation database on company’s web portal for monitoring all matters.

Legal review of all tender documents as well as contracts and commitments entered by the company. This entails supporting Procurement in handling all correspondence with bidders and contractors and providing support to Projects in handling contractual issues relating to all EPCC contracts.

Providing support to management in reviewing internal policies as well as all other legal issues.

Compliance and Investigations

Providing support to management in ensuring that the company is always in compliance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations and contractual commitments. In this regard, Compliance and Investigation maintains Legal Compliance Monitor registers on PPL web portal for corporate as well as each of company’s assets and joint ventures.

Providing support to Internal Audit Department in conducting internal investigations on issues raised during internal and external audits.

Petroleum Rights Affairs Management

Handling negotiations and legal review of all petroleum rights contracts (petroleum concession agreements, production sharing contracts, licenses and leases) and review of petroleum sales contracts (gas sales agreements, crude oil sales agreements) and corresponding commitments entered into by the company for assets being acquired within or outside Pakistan.

Providing support to NVIU and Business Development Department in identifying new assets acquisition opportunities and partners besides handling negotiations and legal review of all necessary contracts (agreements, including confidentiality, joint bidding, Area of Mutual Interest, farm in/ farm out and share purchase).

Providing support to PPEPCA’s Policy Committee and other industry lobby groups in review of any new policy, laws, rules or regulations proposed by the government. Participation in commercial peer review meetings for all company operated as well as partner-operated exploration and production projects.

Commercial Services

Handling all marketing and sales of petroleum produced from PPL’s assets, including crude oil, natural gas, condensates and NGLs and LPG and its related contracts.

Providing commercial support and advice to management on all types of commercial issues, including those relating to contract review, power projects using company’s gas production and alternate energy projects.

Participation in commercial peer review meetings for all company operated as well as partner-operated exploration and production projects prior to signing of the AFEs for such projects.

Maintaining a commercial register on PPL web portal to strategize, prioritize and track all commercial issues.

Coordination with Regulators and Authorities

Ensuring all requests and queries by federal and provincial legislature, government, ministries and regulatory authorities are timely addressed by relevant staff and the company is represented at all meetings arranged by legislatures, ministries and authorities. To this end, this section maintains a Regulatory Register on the corporate web portal.