Administration & Corporate Communication


Administration is a key support department, providing diverse services for Pakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL)’s physical infrastructure and staff based in head office and West Wharf. The department is responsible primarily for travel arrangements, logistics and office maintenance as well as regulating facilities and entitlements in accordance with MPT Staff Rules of Service, Corporate Policy and Head Office and West Wharf Administration Manual.

To ensure timely and effective action, the department is divided into two sections: Administration and Maintenance and Engineering (M&E). Local and international travel and hotel arrangements, transport, charter and medivac operations, protocol, lease agreements, mail and janitorial services, maintaining office premises and equipment and organizing fire and evacuation drills falls under the purview of the Administration section.

For its part, M&E ensures uninterrupted power supply to PPL offices from stand-by generators. Besides, support for remodelling and maintenance of leased premises, procuring, disbursing and maintaining office equipment and other office appliances is also provided.

Another important function of M&E is the smooth operation of PPL workshop, offering in-house automobile and air-conditioners’ maintenance, repair and disposal, carpentry, electrical and mechanical services.

Corporate Communication

The Corporate Communications Department (CCD) is tasked with profiling the image of Pakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL) within the exploration and production industry as well as the corporate sector. The department is divided in two sections: Media and Publications and Corporate Donations and Events.

  • Media and Publications

Media and publications team is involved in developing a number of corporate publications and products, including Progress, flyers, brochures, posters, corporate and CSR documentaries, diary and calendar as well as maintaining the company’s website. For this, the department has a dedicated state-of-the-art desktop facility. The content and design of publications is developed in-house before printing. The team also maintains healthy relationship with media by effective networking and positive engagement through sending out company achievements as press releases and inviting media to key corporate events.

The team also manages publication of corporate advertisements, vacancies, Announcements and tenders in required newspapers and websites as well as posts company events on intranet portal. Besides, the team also prepares recommendations as well as releases corporate sponsorships requests.

Preparation and distribution of corporate gifts among staff for various events is also part of the team’s responsibility.

  • Corporate Donations and Events

Corporate Donation and Events team manages robust and well thought-out Corporate Social Responsibility program in company’s non-operational, urban areas through engaging with reputed organizations working in healthcare, education, livelihood generation, cultural conservation and sports for improving the quality of life for disadvantaged communities in urban setting. The corporate donation also looks after the establishment and management of PPL chairs in various leading universities. The department also manages key company events such as annual function, inaugurations of significant projects, town hall meetings and farewells.

Overall, CCD proactively engages with staff and other stakeholders for profiling the company’s image through information sharing and enhancing goodwill, stake and ownership regarding the company’s operations, business plan, performance and milestones through various platforms.