Hydrocarbon Type

Adhi Field: June 2018

Gas (MMscf)


Crude Oil (bbl)


Production Summary: 2007 – 2017

Hydrocarbon Type 2016-17 2015-16 2014-15 2013-14 2012-13 2011-12 2010 -11 2009-10 2008-09

Tajjal Gas Field

Gas from Tajjal-1 is processed at Sawan Gas Processing Plant.

Gambat Block

Gambat Block is located in Sindh. Gas discovery in the block was made in 2007 through exploratory well Tajjal-1. Exploratory well Lamwari-1 has been plugged and abandoned due to no hydrocarbon potential.

Recoverable Reserves

Latif Block


Latif Block is located in Sindh. Two discoveries i.e. Latif-1 & Latif North-1 are made so far in the block.  To assess further prospects in the block, working is in progress.

Recoverable Reserves

Mela Oil Field

Mela Oil Field was discovered in 2006. Presently two wells are producing out of the four wells completed.

Mela-5 & Mela-6 are currently being drilled as development wells.

Makori Field

Makori Field was discovered in 2005 after drilling of an exploratory well on the Makori structure. Early production commenced from the field in May 2006.

Manzalai Gas Field

Manzalai Gas Field hosts one exploratory, one appraisal and 9 development wells. The discovery of Manzalai in 2002 marked the start of oil and gas exploration in the south-west of the Kohat Basin. The Government of Pakistan granted the Development and Production Lease for Manzalai in January 2007.