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Financial Calendar 2017


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January 17-18, 2017

Announcement of Annual Financial Results for the year ended June 30, 2016

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Free Float of Shares

481,543,919 ordinary shares as on September 30, 2017


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It is notified for the information of members that the shares and dividend, details of which have been uploaded on the Company’s website:, have remained unclaimed for a period of over three years from the date of issue or distribution thereof. 
Notices for the submission of claims in respect of unclaimed shares and unclaimed dividend were dispatched to members at their registered addresses on 5th October 2017. 
Final notice is now given that any claims for unclaimed shares or unclaimed dividend should be lodged with the Company within ninety days of the publication hereof whereafter any unclaimed shares shall be delivered by the Company to the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan and the amounts of any unclaimed dividend shall be deposited to the credit of the Federal Government in accordance with the requirements of the Companies Act, 2017.
Shahana Ahmed Ali
Company Secretary
14th January 2018

Equity Structure

Pakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL)’s shareholding is divided between: